Please note that during 2016, Reservoir West Primary School will be transitioning to the new Victorian Curriculum in order for it to be fully implemented in 2017.

For current information on the progress of the Victorian Curriculum, please visit the VCAA website



This table outlines where a student is expected to be at a particular time in his/her educational journey. Most students will achieve the expected standard. Some will achieve to a higher standard. Some may not reach the expected standard.


Currently the Health and Physical Education Domain has not been moved into the Australian Curriculum format and, apart from Prep, the curriculum is set out in blocks that make up two years of progress as follows:



Foundation Prep  
Level 1 Year 1 Working towards Level 2
Level 2 Year 2  
Level 3 Year 3 Working towards Level 4
Level 4 Year 4  
Level 5 Year 5 Working towards Level 6
Level 6 Year 6  
Level 7 Year 7 Working towards Level 8
Level 8 Year 8  
Level 9 Year 9 Working towards Level 10
Level 10 Year 10  


Click to view the curriculum for Health and Physical Education Levels Prep - 10.

Please note that currently AusVELS Progression Points that describe student behaviours expected at each level are only available for English, Mathematics, Science and History.