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This domain is embedded in all classroom and specialist programs.

Communication is central to the capacity to construct meaning and to convey information and understanding to others in a range of ways and in a variety of settings. Successful communication requires students to be familiar with the forms, language and conventions used in different contexts and employ them to communicate effectively.

The Communication domain focuses on developing students who communicate clearly and confidently in a range of contexts both within and beyond school. It aims to assist students to develop awareness that language and discourse differ across the curriculum and that there is a need to learn literacies involved in each subject they undertake. To communicate successfully, students need to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that empower them to respond to, make meaning of, and deconstruct a range of communication forms. They also need to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to effectively present information, ideas and opinions in a range of forms, including verbal, written, graphic, multimedia and performance, appropriate to their context, purpose and audience.

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In Communication, standards for assessing and reporting on student achievement are introduced at Level 5.

This table outlines where a student is expected to be at a particular time in his/her educational journey. Most students will achieve the expected standard. Some will achieve to a higher standard. Some may not reach the expected standard.

Currently the Personal Learning Domain has not been moved into the Australian Curriculum format and is set out as follows:


Foundation Prep Working towards Level 6
Level 1 Year 1 Working towards Level 6
Level 2 Year 2 Working towards Level 6
Level 3 Year 3 Working towards Level 6
Level 4 Year 4 Working towards Level 6
Level 5 Year 5 Working towards Level 6
Level 6 Year 6  
Level 7 Year 7 Working towards Level 8
Level 8 Year 8  
Level 9 Year 9 Working towards Level 10
Level 10 Year 10  


Click to view the curriculum for Communication Levels Prep - 10.

Please note that currently AusVELS Progression Points that describe student behaviours expected at each level are only available for English, Mathematics, Science and History.




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