Learning Areas

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The learning areas are grouped around a large common area and together with designated withdrawal and small-group areas provide great flexibility for teaching and learning. Each of the learning areas is equipped with a data projector, screen and speakers enabling teachers and students to explore the internet together and also allows the projection of DVD, VHS, TV or Computer onto the screen. All classrooms are provided with a bank of internet-able workstations allowing students individual use. The common areas have a large plasma television installed with surround-sound speakers. This can be used for viewing DVD, VHS, TV or Computer. These areas also have an Interactive Whiteboard, separate active speakers and a data projector available for use by class groups. A wet area with taps and sinks is also found in the common areas.

 In all new buildings we have a no-shoes policy in order to protect the carpet and students are encouraged to bring along a pair of slippers to wear inside.

With our recent increased enrolments we have also bee provided with two Mod5 relocatable buildings, each housing two classrooms.


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