At Reservoir West Primary School every student is unique, capable of learning and able to become literate, numerate and curious. Students will be encouraged to be thoughtful, positive and compassionate members of the community. They will be taught to build on their strengths, overcome their challenges, extend their creativity and value respect, responsibility and resilience.



Respect: - for ourselves, others, the environment and diversity

Wisdom: - to make appropriate decisions and dare to be innovative

Persistence: - in continuing to strive for excellence in all that we do

Success: - in life-long learning with a global perspective


  • To achieve sustained improvement and growth in literacy and numeracy for all students, with a particular emphasis on reading and number.
  • That all Reservoir West students will be highly motivated, engaged and connected to their learning.
  • To provide an inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating learning environment for all students.
  • To maximise all school resources in a manner that improves student learning outcomes and delivers high levels of student engagement and wellbeing.