Involvement in schools by parents and carers helps children achieve the best possible learning outcomes. You can participate in school life, both formally and informally, through school councils, parent clubs, volunteering and staying up to date with news about what is happening in education.


At Reservoir West Primary School we are most fortunate to have a strong School Council and Parents and Friends’ Association and a well-supported volunteer roster for the canteen.


However, there are many more informal ways in which parents can become involved in the school and their child’s education. One of the most effective ways is by becoming a volunteer helper at the school.


In all successful schools the success is a result of a true partnership between the school and the parents of the students. This included strong parental support at home assisting their children with work requirements and also vigorous parental involvement in teaching programs. Reservoir West Primary School already has a strong and robust Parental Involvement Program. This program is particularly well supported in the junior section of the school, but it thins out a little as we move upwards through the school. All classroom teachers and students would benefit from additional assistance in teaching programs, especially in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Even though the older children are more independent and can work together in reading, writing and mathematics with little teacher direction and supervision, greater learning and progress will be able to be achieved with adult assistance. Parents are also involved in attending excursions to assist with supervision, coaching sporting teams and involved in numerous classroom and specialist programs.


If you believe you may be able to regularly commit yourself to assistance with teaching programs, please let your child’s classroom teacher know. Reservoir West is a terrific school, but I believe it can be even better. I would feel that I would be letting our students down if I did not endeavour to continually improve our core business – that of improving student achievement.


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